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Getting JW.org content on your Amazon Echo or other Alexa Device

JW.ORG Materials

Authors Note: These directions were originally given to legally Blind students, who had instructional sessions on the Echo.

Description: How to play audible materials on Alexa enabled devices. This includes Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and the Amazon Music App on iOS and Android with the Alexa feature. Alexa voice command capacity is being built into other devices by 3rd parties as well such as TVs and 3rd party smart-speakers. Here’s what you can get via Alexa. All features listed below are made possible by 3rd party apps, not by any apps directly produced by JW.org. These tools are very powerful for those with disabilities, sight loss or motor impairments. But bear in mind they are not officially produced by JW.org.

  • Watchtower Study (Newest)
  • Watchtower Public (Newest)
  • Watchtower Study Article for the week
  • Awake (Newest)
  • Audio Dramas
  • Kingdom Melodies (Chorus, Orchestrated, Original Songs)
  • Bible Reading (For the Week)
  • Morning Worship
  • Daily Text ## Skills or Apps Needed
  • JW Access
  • Daily Text
  • PodBuddy (Or other 3rd party podcast database other than the default TuneIn)

These skills can often be enabled verbally. (i.e.- “Alexa, Enable Pod Buddy.)

Play Newest Watchtower & Awake

[Must have Pod Buddy Enabled; If not enabled simply say “Alexa, Enable Pod Buddy.”]


  1. “Alexa, open Pod Buddy”
  2. [NEXT]
  3. (OR) “play Watchtower”
  4. (OR) “play Awake”
  5. (OR) “play Watchtower Study”

Daily Text

[Must have enabled the skill; if you haven’t simply say, “Alexa, enable Examining the Scriptures Daily.”]

  1. Say, “Alexa, read my Daily Text”

JW Access

If not turned on, do the following. To turn on “Alexa, enable JW Access Skill”


  1. Simple Way: “Alexa, open JW Access” THEN follow prompts.
  2. say “Play…” [then] • Watchtower Study • Kingdom Melodies • Bible Reading • Morning Worship • Audio Drama

Example of Direct phrases: 1) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play morning worship” 2) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play original music” 3) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play kingdom Melodies – chorus” 4) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play this week’s Bible reading” 5) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play last week’s Bible reading” 6) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play next week’s Bible reading” 7) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play this weeks Watch tower Study” 8) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play next weeks Watch tower Study” 9) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play last weeks Watch tower Study” 10) “Alexa, ask JW Access to childrens songs” 11) “Alexa, ask JW Access to play song number 140”